Sean Borja

Pixel Pusher, Father, Maker of Really Good Soups

Sean Borja: Graphic Design/Web Design I make pictures.
At least that‘s how I describe what I do to my five year old.
Wanna see design projects I have been working on recently?Let‘s Go!
Sean Borja: Digital Photography I also take pictures.
Photography has been a paradigm shift from years involved in other
creative disciplines. Visit my blog to see what I am working on now.Let‘s See Them!
Team Graybill Borja & Sons I make up one half
of a dynamic duo.

Team Graybill-Borja & Sons is a brand I invest in and blog about.
We‘re a big name on the playground circuit.Let‘s Meet TGB&S!
Sean Borja: Cyclist, Bike Commuter, Two-wheeled Speedster ABP: Always Be Pedaling
I ride my bikes, a lot. I also blog about cycling, commuting, group rides.
I wear tight pants, anywhere.Read About My Favorite Rides
Sean Borja: Graphic Designer, Local Zero Escape!
Team Graybill-Borja & Sons is getting
the helly outta here this weekend!Later…
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Sean Borja: My Bio/Résumé
  • And now, a few words from our sponsor…

    I am an Art Director, designer, amateur photographer, and maker of fine messes. Tap link below to review my professional bona fides.

    About Sean Borja
    Sean Borja: My Bio/Résumé
Sean Borja: Profressional Design Portfolio
  • A lifetime spent designing creative solutions.

    Half of that time was spent watching a blue progress bar creep toward task completion. But I got something to show for all of that patience…

    Sean Borja Portfolio: 2001-2013
    Sean Borja: My Portfolio

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